Opportunities through Tax Planning

Opportunities through Tax Planning

• We advise the company to find the best tax options for its business, in a totally legal way and with results for the operation.

• We understand how each company should have its own Tax Planning, based on its individuality, which differentiates it from all other Brazilian companies.

• We apply the concept that it is not enough to know only the theoretical aspect of the laws, but it is essential to know how to make theory possible.

• We diagnose problems in the companies and then we act in the implementation of solutions on these crises.

• We elaborate tax consultancy focused on results for the company, at National, State and Town level, in a clear and objective way to guide, prevent, attest and substantiate all our clients.

• We promote the collection of extemporaneous credits for the companies, in a technical and responsible way. We identify opportunities for recovery of legitimate tax credits (overpayments, unused, not used properly, etc.). This work is funded by Resulta Consultoria and only charged on success if the company succeeds in recovering its tax cred.