Companies Insolvency and Recovery

Companies Insolvency and Recovery

• If your company is facing financial difficulties or passing through judicial reorganization, we can help you in tapping the market to raise capital for your working capital or investiment needs. We can also help you to structure guarantees depending on the risk analysis model implemented by us.

• We act directly as "crisis managers in companies", negotiating with your creditors, investors and stakeholders to resolve issues related to bankruptcy, insolvency and recovery and does not matter if your company is a medium or a large size and in any segment of market.

• Working as a multidisciplinary team with highly qualified professionals, we know exactly how to manage the structuring of complex operations – Judicial Recovery, Insolvency and Bankruptcy processes.

• Each case is handled by Resulta Consultoria as unique and with personalized and customized service for your company.

• Assistance in the issuance of debentures and / or debt or equity securities for private negotiation and / or capital markets, with the objective of debt restructuring, judicial recovery and extrajudicial recovery.